Origin Vs Tempur


TypeHybrid (Foam + Pocket spring)Hybrid (Foam + Pocket spring)
Price (Queen)$699 $4,500
Firmness Level6.56.5
Number of Layers65
Mattress Depth27cm21cm
Multi-zone Support🗙
Motion Isolation(Zero Partner Disturbance)
Eco-friendly Foam
Machine-washable Mattress Cover🗙
Trial Length120 Nights🗙
Warranty15 Years10 Years
Free Delivery🗙
Free Returns (Within Trial Length Period)🗙
*Overall Score is calculated by looking at an aggregate of 14 different criteria.

Origin Hybrid Mattress Vs TEMPUR Pro® Hybrid Mattress

Origin Hybrid MattressTEMPUR Pro® Hybrid Mattress
100% Natural Tencel™ Pillow Top. A handcrafted piling-resistant top layer that is just as durable as it is soft and plush.
3cm HexaGrid™ Orthopedic Layer. A temperature-regulating foam layer that supports the natural curvature of the backbone and relieves pressure on sensitive points on the body. 
Premium Australian Wool. The wool layer enhances the mattress’s cushy feel and breathability while enabling moisture-wicking properties. 
Bamboo-Infused Memory Foam. An upgrade to ordinary memory foam, bamboo-infused memory foam is a bolstering foam that is naturally cooling and supportive.  
Edge Support. Protects and bolsters the edges of the mattress from sagging. 
Antigravity Springs. A layer made up of tempered steel pocketed coil springs for responsive and bracing support.
TEMPUR Pro® Removable Cover. An ultra-soft cover that extends as a pillow top that is removable and washing machine friendly.
TEMPUR® Advanced Material Layer. An open-celled ultra-sensitive viscoelastic memory foam that is designed to promote pressure relief and has the ability to conform to body contours.
TEMPUR® Dynamic Support Technology. A firm TEMPUR® foam layer that provides extraordinary support and enhanced pressure relief. 
TEMPUR Precision Microcoils®. A layer of high-tensile cold-drawn steel coils with each individually pocketed to react to movement for bracing and intent support. 
TEMPUR DuraBase™️ Technology. An additional supportive layer that acts as the foundation of the mattress which also absorbs motion and enables motion isolation. 

Temperature Regulation (Winner: Origin Hybrid Mattress)

The TEMPUR Pro® Hybrid Mattress does put forward multiple open-celled TEMPUR® foam layers that allow for air to flow through the mattress, making it sufficiently breathable for adequate temperature regulation. However, when faced against the Origin Hybrid Mattress, the TEMPUR Pro® Hybrid Mattress, unfortunately, does not do as well in regulating the temperature of the sleeper. The Origin Hybrid Mattress is equipped with a HexaGrid™ Orthopedic Layer that is designed with breathability and temperature regulation in mind. The Origin Hybrid Mattress also comes with a premium Australian wool layer that further enhances its breathability and enables thorough air circulation through the layers. The mattress’ bamboo-infused memory foam is a naturally cooling layer that helps maintain the Origin Hybrid Mattress and the sleeper at a comfortably cool temperature. These layers work simultaneously to not only regulate the temperature of the sleeper but also contribute to the quick-dry and moisture-wicking abilities of the Origin Hybrid Mattress. 

Support (Winner: TEMPUR Pro® Hybrid Mattress)

While the Origin Hybrid Mattress is an exceptional mattress that is as supportive as it is comfortable, the TEMPUR Pro® Hybrid Mattress takes the win because of its multiple TEMPUR® foam layers and patented technology. TEMPUR® material consists of a multitude of ultra-sensitive cells that are especially responsive which means sleepers will experience effective pressure relief as they lay atop the mattress. The viscoelastic-like material also absorbs movement instantaneously, providing sleepers with undisturbed slumber despite tossing and turning mid-sleep. The TEMPUR® material has been recognized by The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and is certified by the Space Foundation for the material’s unique potential, further corroborating the TEMPUR Pro® Hybrid Mattress’ impressive supportive quality. The TEMPUR Pro® Hybrid Mattress also features a layer of high-tensile cold-drawn steel coils and a foundational layer equipped with TEMPUR DuraBase™️ Technology for even more support, catering to all sorts of sleeping positions. 

Comfort (Winner: Origin Hybrid Mattress)

Both the Origin Hybrid Mattress and TEMPUR Pro® Hybrid Mattress are medium-firm mattresses that give sleepers the best of both worlds but when it comes to plush comfort, the Origin Hybrid Mattress is the superior option. The Origin Hybrid Mattress comprises a 100% Natural Tencel™ Pillow Top that is both comfortable and cool to the touch, it is also piling-resistant so sleepers will not have to fret about the wear and tear of the mattress top layer. The thick pillow top resembles the feel of silk and puts forward a cozy outer surface for sleepers to lay on. While the multiple foam layers in the Origin Hybrid Mattress give the mattress its cushy feel, it is further reinforced with a natural wool layer that presents sleepers with the feeling of sinking into a metaphorical cloud. Another notable aspect of the Origin Hybrid Mattress is its Edge Support feature that not only prevents the mattress from sagging but also allows sleepers to crawl in and out of bed with ease. Furthermore, the Edge Support feature of the Origin Hybrid Mattress grants sleepers the ability to sit at the edges of the mattress comfortably without falling into it. 

Pricing (Winner: Origin Hybrid Mattress)

The redoubtable winner is the Origin Hybrid Mattress as the staggering price of the TEMPUR Pro® Hybrid Mattress may not be for everyone. Notwithstanding the incredible features of the TEMPUR Pro® Hybrid Mattress, its price tag for its Space Foundation-certified mattress is considered steep. For only a fraction of its price, sleepers can get their hands on the Origin Hybrid Mattress which is just as supportive and comfortable. Speaking in terms of pricing alone, customers who purchase the Origin Hybrid Mattress will receive the mattress right at their doorstep with no additional cost. Whereas the TEMPUR Pro® Hybrid Mattress is only retailed in-store at Domayne and customers are ineligible for free delivery or returns. 

Integral Features (Winner: Origin Hybrid Mattress)

The TEMPUR Pro® Hybrid Mattress may triumph in care and hygiene because of its conveniently removable cover that is washer-friendly but with the abundant integral features the Origin Hybrid Mattress puts forward, it is no wonder the superior mattress has won the hearts of many across the globe. Unlike the TEMPUR Pro® Hybrid Mattress, Origin customers are given the opportunity to put the Origin Hybrid Mattress to the test for themselves with a 120-night trial period. Origin customers also receive a longer warranty period with the purchase of their brand-new Origin Hybrid Mattress as opposed to those who opt for the TEMPUR Pro® Hybrid Mattress. 

Final Verdict 

Winning 4 out of the 5 categories, the Origin Hybrid Mattress once again finishes first with an overall score of 8.9 while the TEMPUR Pro® Hybrid Mattress stumbles behind, scoring a well-deserving 7.9. The Origin Hybrid Mattress seizes to be an inexpensive mattress that advances high-quality features that stand the test against its contenders, living up to its award-winning brand. 

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