Disclaimer & Disclosure

Thebestmattress.com.au is an online mattress review website that focuses on reviewing the most popular mattresses in Australia.

All of our reviews are conducted by our team of sleep experts. This site came about in the attempt to provide more objective review standards to the local mattress industry through our methodology.

Thebestmattress.com.au is fully committed to providing objective ratings to help Australian consumers find the bed that works best for them.

You can see our overall mattress ratings here.

Income Generation: Affiliate Sales

Running a review service like thebestmattress.com.au has its costs.

In order to make thebesmattress.com.au a free resource for sleepers in Australia, we generate income through affiliate relationships.

Thebestmattress.com.au has affiliate relationships with some mattress companies on this site, such that we receive a small percentage of a sale when our readers click on a link on our site, and make a purchase at our partner’s site.

However, these relationships are arranged only after our team of sleep experts has reviewed the products, to ensure that the relationships have no impact on our teams ratings & reviews.

This allows us to meet our primary objective, which is supplying useful and valuable information to Australian consumers.

Company Ownership

This site is owned by Cosmo Australia Pty. Ltd.

This site is run by an independent and separate review team which rates mattresses based on criteria that you can read more about here.